Custom solutions for your combustion plant

SUSCOMB's turnkey projects

SUSCOMB delivers custom solutions and works with only the best products. Our projects include the following services:

  • modernising your combustion plant
  • replacing burners
  • Eplan Engineering
  • PLCs for combustion plants
  • adjusting burner systems to reduce NOx emissions
  • heat recovery
  • adjusting burner systems to reduce energy consumption

NOx emissions for the Netherlands: getting ready for 2017

For the Netherlands as of 1 January 2017, all medium combustion plants must comply with the emission requirements of the Activities Decree. This will have consequences for practically all medium combustion plants, which is why it is important to already examine the effects that the emission requirements of the Activities Decree will have on your business.

Boilers fuelled using natural gas that are larger than 1MW are subject to a requirement of 70mg NOx ref 3%O2. The reduction in the NOx emissions does not always mean that the entire burner will have to be replaced and SUSCOMB has developed a number of solutions to reduce NOx emissions.